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HP eCarePack 2900-48G 5Y/24x7 Proactive (U0EB3E)

  • Codice del produttore U0EB3E
  • Codice Bechtle 4020306-02
  • HP eCarePack 2900-48G 5Y/24x7 Proactive - Anteprima 1

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Tipo di prodotto: opzione di garanzia  Descrizione dettagliata
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Manufacturer's warranty extension for HP 2900-48G

5-year on-site Proactive Care
On-site hardware service and software support including updates
Response time: 4 hours
Availability: 24 x 7
Software support: 24 x 7 Call-back within 2 hours + updates

HP Proactive Care:
- Advanced Solution Center in DACH instead of the standard Solution Center in Sofia
- Analysis and recommendations for firmware and software patches
- Collaborative Support offers basic support and call management for popular 3rd-party software
- Insight Remote Support provides automated monitoring (proactive scans)
Optional: personal account manager

***** Important *****
The service contract is only activated upon registration!

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